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Jerome Kileo
Founded in 2013 by Jerome Kileo,

Kileo Tours offers everything you need during your stay in Tanzania – from mountain and safari guides, to accommodation and equipment. With over 10 years of guiding experience on Mount Kilimanjaro, Jerome knows exactly what it takes to put together the right team to make your adventure truly memorable.

Forget rigid itineraries. At Kileo Tours, we understand that every client wants to experience Tanzania in their own unique way.

We will do everything in our power to cater the experience you are looking for.






Porters on the way

Why Choose Us?

At Kileo Tours, everything we do revolves around six main goals:
1. Ensure client safety at all times
2. Make sure our clients reach the summit but client safety is always at the top
3. Provide a unique Tanzanian experience through a local's perspective
4. Use our network of experienced local mountain and safari guides to provide you with a one-stop shop experience
5. Offer competitive and realistic prices
6. Inject revenue back into the local economy to truly benefit Tanzanians



Rongai Route camp

What We Offer

• An all-inclusive trek up Mount Kilimanjaro using the route of your choice
• A world-class safari experience in one of Africa's most flourishing countries
• Tours of local markets
• Accommodate specific requests
• Competitive rates by cross-checking with our partner, SafariBookings.com