Mt. Kilimanjaro Marangu Route 5-6 Days Itinerary

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  • Marangu



Day 1

Marangu Gate ─ Mandara Huts

8km, ↑ 840m / 2756ft

We will begin at Marangu Gate (1860m, or 6102ft) which is also the headquarters of Kilimanjaro National park. The trek through the lush rainforests that will lead us to the Mandara Huts (2700m/8858ft) in 4-5 hours for overnight.

 Marangu rain forrest  Mandara Huts


Day 2

Mandara Huts – Horombo Huts

11.5km, ↑ 1000m / 3281ft

This morning we walk 6-7 hours through the unique vegetation with amazing views of the peaks of Mawenzi and Kibo. Overnight at the Horombo Huts. (3700m / 12139ft).
Horombo Huts  Horombo Huts

Day 3

Acclimatization day ? Horombo Huts

Optional day trip to the Mawenzi View Point or Zebra Rock to help acclimatize (Mawenzi Base Camp 4480m / 14698ft).
Keep on to overnight at Kibo Hut (4700m / 15420ft) if you choose 5 days climb.

Day 4

Horombo Huts ─ Kibo Hut

9.2km, ↑ 1000m / 3281ft

After breakfast, begin ascent past the last water point and continue across the Saddle which bridges the Mawenzi and Kibo Peaks. Reaching to Kibo Hut in the afternoon after 6-7 hours.
Overnight at the Kibo Hut (4700m / 15420ft).
Kibo Huts

Day 5

Kibo Hut ─ Uhuru Peak ─ Horombo Huts

Distance: 19km

Time: 12-16 hours,

Altitude: ↑ 1195m / 3920ft and ↓ 2195m / 7201ft

We will make our way to Gillman‘s Point (5681m / 18638ft) and continue on to Uhuru Peak, (5895m / 19341ft).
 Stella Point  Kibo Summit sign
Marangu downhill

After summiting, descend back to Kibo Hut, across the Saddle and back to the Horombo Huts for overnight. (3700m / 12139ft).


Day 6

Horombo Huts ─ Marangu Gate

19.5km, ↓ 1840m / 6037ft

Distance 19.5km,

Time 5-7 hours,

After breakfast, we continue our descent to Mandara hut and in 5-7 hours we will reach the entrance of the Marangu Gates to receive certificates and celebrate our achievements.
 Marangu gateMarangu village




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