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While climbing the Kilimanjaro, you cross all the climate zones found on earth and experience a variation in temperatures ranging from +30 °C at the bottom of the mountain to -20 °C at the peak.

Climate & Vegetation Zones

  • Cultivation Zone (800 m - 1800 m)
  • Rainforest / montane forest (1800 m - 2800 m)
  • Heath and Moorland (2800 m - 4000 m)
  • Alpine Desert (4000 m - 5000 m)
  • Ice cap / summit zone (from 5000 m upwards)

Mount Kilimanjaro boasts a number of beautiful, historic trails to reach the summit. Read through each description to get an idea of which route is right for you.


A relatively new route. The Lemosho trail offers incredible scenery as you hike up the mountain. Hikers go through a variety of environments, including the beautiful rainforests at the base of the mountain and the Shira Plateau. The Lemosho route is an excellent choice for hikers looking for better acclimatization.

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The second most popular route. With spectacular views and an exciting traverse to Barafu, the Machame route is a great choice for hikers of any skill level.
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The most popular route to the summit. What differentiates Marangu from the other trails is the fact that you stay in huts, although basic, rather tents.
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The Rongai Route is the only trail which starts from the Northern, or Kenyan side of Mt Kilimanjaro. The descent is via the Marangu trail.

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The shortest and steepest route, the Umbwe trail is a difficult hike. Offering spectacular views but very little acclimatization, Umbwe is the most dangerous route that should only be reserved for experienced climbers looking for the most physically taxing climb.

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Mount Meru

The Mount Meru trekking is recommended as acclimatization tour for Kilimanjaro. The bushland zone is dominated by Erica arborea  which form thickets four metres in height. The Meru trekking is for itself alone a wonderful experience.
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