What you need


Checklist Tanzania trip and ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Please read through the entire list very carefully. If you have any questions about items on the list or about the suitability of your own equipment please contact us, or a reputable mountaineering equipment dealer.


- mountain boots, ankle-high, waterproof, broken-in   
- Gym Shoes, to wear at camp, Safari & hotel
- bathing shoes 

Equipment for the mountain:

- waterproof duffel bag or large bag, for porters to carry your equipment
- daypack, 30-35L capacity with rain cover, for you to carry your personal gear  
- sleeping bag,  min. comfort rating – 8 °C   
- sleep sack for more convenience    opt.
- sleeping pad self-inflating, 4 cm high for the tend  
- 1 - 1,5 litre water bottle  
- 1 litre Thermos  
- Trekking Poles, collapsible
- gaiters  
- head lamp, with extra batteries  
- glacier googles / sun glasses

Clothing at the mountain:

- Goretex Outdoor jacket with hood  
- Goretex Outdoor pant  
- hiking pants  
- insulated Jacket, synthetic or down  
- Soft Jacket, fleece or soft-shell  
- long sleeve shirt  
- short sleeve shirt  also wearable as T-Shirt  
- underwear, briefs
- long underwear  
- Sport Bra (women)  
- sweatpants warm for coldness and summit  
- hiking socks   
- gloves warm and waterproof  
- gloves thin   
- brimmed hat, for sun protection
- knit hat, for warmth
- balaclava, for face coverage
- bandana

For the Hygiene

- toiletries   
- tissues and wet wipes   
- sun cream, lip balm   
- trekking towels  
- antibacterial cleansing gel  

Odds and ends

- pocketknife  
- universal adapter  
- diary and pen
- glasses in reserve for spectacle wearer  
- sewing kit  
- insect repellent  
- energy bars   
- energy drink supplement   
- camera with extra batteries  
- spy-glass optional for Safari  
- casual clothes for sightseeing and hotel   
- swimming wear  

Documents and objects of value

- trip receipt   
- passport, Visa   
- copy of passport   
- immunization card   
- insurance documents   
- plane tickets, railway tickets   
- cash money in US $   
- credit card   
- mobile phone with charger   


- mountaineer first aid kit.
Every trip member should bring a small kit of medicines for personal use. Your own experience and preferences will influence your choice. Some items require a prescription, consult your doctor as necessary.


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